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If there is light in the soul

There is beauty in the person.


If there is beauty in the person

There will be harmony in the home.


If there is harmony in the home

There is honor in the nation.


If there is honor in the nation

There will be peace in the world.


                                - Chinese proverb



Feng Shui (pronounced "fung schway") is the ancient art of working the energy flow of spaces, seeking to have this energy flow naturally through our spaces and environments.  It dates back thousands of years and has come down through the ages to become a powerful influence for creating positive change into the 21st Century.  There are several schools that teach the wisdom of feng shui; the Black Hat method that I practice is one of them.  This teaching believes that it is our intuition, or our higher sense of "knowing" that is the guiding factor in determining balance in our lives. 


We all have a sense of what feels good in our surroundings, just as we know when something is "off".  Feng shui helps to shift these "imbalances" back to the center, so to speak, to help us move out into the world in a more peaceful and focused way.


Feng shui teaches that our spaces are a direct reflection of what is going on inside us.  If you live a peaceful life, your spaces will reflect that and will feel good.  If you live with chaos and turmoil in your life, your spaces will be disorganized and cluttered and will feel chaotic.  Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.  So, the truth is: balance and clear your spaces and your life will begin to move in a more balanced and clear direction.


Professional Organizing
Because I believe that "clear your clutter, clear your life" is absolutely true (I have seen the powerful results many times), I have also become certifed as a professional organizer.  The spaces where you have clutter are directly related to those areas of your life in which you feel stuck.  As an organizer, I help you clear out the clutter or disorganized spaces in your spaces, thereby helping you to move through your life in a more powerful and natural way.  Clear your spaces and you begin to move through the stuck areas of your life.  One naturally follows the other.  Click on the Organizing tab at left to learn more about this.


My heart-felt desire is to assist people in creating spaces that are not only peaceful but spaces that reflect the highest intentions for their lives.  I have found Feng Shui, organization of your spaces and my InWords cards to be powerful teachers and assistants.  Please contact me if I can be of service.

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Valerie DeLong